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I will use them again
John AC
New York
I'll definitely use Pink Berry Cars service again
London, North Circular Road
I have used Pinkberry cars twice in the last 6 weeks. On both occasions the level of service was first class. Communication was brilliant. I cannot recommend them enough. A big big thank you.
Paul Harland
WARNING DON’T TRAVEL WITH PINKBEERY IF YOU NEED A CARSEAT!I’ve used pink berry many times but never before with my children. Just got picked up from the airport after a long journey with 2 over tired children and the taxi shows up with the wrong car seat for my toddler and a broken baby seat. Have been offered an £11 refund or a replacement car....great just what I want after a long journey with 2 kids. Awful customer service when I complained too. Don’t bother travelling with them when you have kids that need carseats. They have no idea!
Rachel Collins